Row Crops

Sitting beneath the orchard lands of Green Acre Farms are our row crop operations.  Our row crop fields have been in production since the 1940’s and currently produce essential oil crops such as Peppermint, Native Spearmint, Peppermint, Erospicata and Dill. We also have both winter and spring Wheat’s for both the common and specialty markets.  Our northern latitude, elevation and fertile volcanic loess soils provide outstanding fertility and capacity for water retention, enabling us to grow a multitude of high value specialty crops.

Our row crop products are grown with the same precision as in our hop and apple operations and are marketed worldwide.  For our essential oils we have an extensive sampling and inventory program that allows us to track every acre of production from the field to our advanced distilling operation, through shipment to the consumer.  We track soil fertility annually, and we track herbicide use and water consumption for each field; this information is then compiled in a farm-wide data base for use in long range planning.

As with our other operations, we pride ourselves on Green Acre Farm's environmentally sound aspects such as our integrated pest management (IPM), low disturbance tillage, completely integrated irrigation system (to run more efficiently as a whole and to increase energy efficiency) and our ability to return our harvested byproducts back to the soil.  We utilize educated farm management and we are fortunate enough to have multi-generational employees in our agricultural production systems who strive to produce the highest quality products on the market. 

Green Acre Farms looks outward to find new crops or products to fit the modern world wide consumer – from produce to novel uses of plants to new essential oil production at higher qualities and competitive costs.


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