The oils in our hops produce a unique flavor and smell when you rub them together between your hands; these are characteristics that belong specifically to our hops, and this is something our customers have come to expect from Green Acre Farms. Our farming operation has grown in the last decade; it is our forward thinking, willingness and ability to experiment with new hop varieties, and innovative methods of growing and harvesting hops that has led us to where we are today. We realize the importance of great quality without compromise. We can and will provide you with the history of every field our hops come from and an analysis of the growing techniques we applied to them. This information is not only useful and important to the buyer, but to us growers as well. With this history and analysis, we can see the effectiveness of different treatments and growing methods on our hops, enabling us to ensure that our customers receive only the highest quality hops.

At Green Acre Farms we also provide our customers with our vast knowledge and ability to grow the best crop possible.  Our experienced staff listens carefully to our buyer’s wants and expectations. When providing samples from a crop year, we want to hear feedback on what people like about our hops and what they don’t like, to help us determine our customer’s wants and needs before the next growing season. Before harvest even begins, we collect samples in our fields to insure that our hops have reached full maturity and will be of the highest quality possible. We confer with our buyers to determine which crops produced a better quality beer when brewed.

At Green Acre Farms, we are not afraid to experiment with new farming methods or to grow new varieties of hops. We are also involved in breeding programs to develop and test new hop varieties resistant to pests and disease that have specific characteristics our buyers are looking for.

With our experience we can and will take care of your needs and provide quality service without compromise.


Some of our hop varities that we grow; Azacca ®, Adeena™, Cascade, Citra ®, Columbus, Jarrylo ®, Mosaic ®, Mt Hood, Pahto ™, Pekko ®, Sabro ™, Simcoe ®, Summit’s ™, Zeus, and more! 

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